About us


OfficeCore is a leading software company that develops, markets and delivers cellular location based SaaS solutions, and SMSCenter software messaging gateway services. OfficeCore solutions and services are offered both to mobile operators/services providers and business customers.

OfficeCore's location based software platform - OfficeTrack, supports mobile workforce using their mobile handsets. Fleet management services are based on mobile vehicle AVL units and GPS location information, including GIS and map data. Our primary mission is to work closely with our partners and customers in order to enhance efficiency, productivity and profitability to the best of our ability, given the use and utilization of our Location Based Service (LBS) solutions – OfficeTrack.

With thousands of pleased business customers around the world, OfficeCore leads the workforce management location based solutions applications. These applications include position on maps and GIS data of the handsets/PDAs, attendance reports sent from the field, tasks and forms management.

Tasks management contains statuses of tasks reported by the employee from the field , photos and barcode scanning from the client to the server as part of the task reporting, emergency (panic) button, location and voice calls.
The OfficeCore software server platforms is integrated within mobile carriers around the world, and also runs from 3rd party service providers or installed at customer sites with local maps and language.

We will be happy to provide you with the suitable solution that fulfill your specific business needs in order to enhance and improve your business processes and overall productivity.

We welcome you to contact us and become one of our many satisfied customers!