The Cellular Forms service allows users to quickly create digital forms that are required to fill by field mobile agents during any particular task or activity. A type of form can also be an order. Forms can include requirement for digital signatures. Agents fill the required information on the forms using their handset, and send the forms with the required information to the back office or any specific manager.



Main Features

• Cellular forms can be constructed to fit specific needs of any particular organization.

• Publish and send forms to a specific employee or a group of employees.

• Send filled forms directly to the organizational information system.

• Update forms at any given time according to the needs of the organization.

• Produce reports, and perform multi-dimensional analyze of reports.

Key Benefits

  • Significant improvement in work efficiency as a result of receiving real-time filled forms and reports from the field, and synchronizing the information with the back office systems.
  • Operational expenses savings –   the forms service eliminates the need for scanning, typing, printing and archiving paper forms.
  • Also changes made to forms and forms updates are not involved is major waist of old forms.
  • The form service eliminates filling wrong data, and makes sure all required information is filled before sending.