November, 2017: OfficeCore attended Africom 2017 Fair in Cape Town



August, 2017: OfficeCore in Expologistic Fair, in Colombia!


August, 2017: OfficeCore Peru in ExpoTIC Fair!



May, 2017: OfficeCore & 3CON will host Officetrack Summit on Jun 2017, in Sao Paulo, Brazil:




November, 2016: OfficeCore attended Africom 2016 Fair in Cape Town:


September, 2016: OfficeCore Argentina in Expo logísti-k Fair 2016!


September, 2016: OfficeCore to attend Expo logísti-k Fair 2016, in Argentina!



August, 2016: OfficeCore Peru in ExpoTIC Fair!


August, 2016: OfficeCore in Expologistic Fair, in Colombia!


June, 2016: OfficeCore attended MWC Shanghai 2016 in China:



May, 2016: OfficeCore attended CommunicAsia 2016 in Singapore:



April, 2016: OfficeCore will coming to ComunicAsia Singapore and MWC Shangai 2016 !!

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March, 2016: OfficeCore in CeBIT Fair, in Germany!



February, 2016: OfficeCore LATAM Sales Team in Lima for our annual Summit !!! Best Luck to ALL !!!


October, 2015: OfficeCore in Bucharest International Fair, in Romania !


August, 2015: OfficeCore will coming to TIB – Bucharest International Fair, in Romania !





June, 2015: Thank you for visiting us at the CommunicAsia, in Singapore, at OfficeCore booth.



July, 2014: Thank you for visiting us at the TI&Varejo Exhibition in São Paulo, Brasil, at the 3CON booth.

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May, 2014: 3CON Launches OfficeTrack in Brazil

3CON, the leading Brazilian IT consulting firm, has recently signed an agreement for distributing OfficeTrack in Brazil. “Many companies have resources out in the field, but managers face a difficulty to monitor the work closely. The OfficeTrack technology brings the solution to this kind of challenge. We are pleased to have such a complete and easy-to-use solution in our portfolio”, says Genivaldo Araujo, Commercial Director at 3CON.3CON

The partnership was sealed last March to respond to the high potential of the Brazilian market for the OfficeTrack solution. “We chose 3CON because it is a leading firm in the Brazilian information technology market and bears an enormous potential to distribute the solution”, says Ilan Szapiro Ben Avram, OfficeTrack consultant in Brazil.
“In today’s business world the concept of Field Service Management involves the entire resource management field. Without the support of a designated technology it is impossible to have control over employee productivity”, says Mário Fernandes, Business Manager at 3CON.
3CON offers and delivers OfficeTrack to customers in Brazil, supports OfficeTrack integration processes and provides ongoing technical assistance.

May, 2014: Come and visit us at upcoming exhibitions in LATAM!

TI&Varejo in São Paulo, Brasil on June TI&Varejo3 to 4, 2014 at the 3CON booth.

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X-EXPOLOGISTICA in Bogota, Colombia on August 4 to 6, 2014






EXPO-LOGISTI-K in Buenos Aires, Argentina on August 12 to 15, 2014.













Thank you for visiting us at FENATRAN CHILE ANAC 2014, the 9th “Feria del Transporte”, at the Gran Salón de Espacio Riesco, Santiago, Chile.


















December, 2013: Announcing OfficeTrack Peru!

OfficeTrack, the leading global provider of OfficeTrack System for Mobile Employee and Fleet Management, has recently established new Latin American facilities in Lima, Peru to service its growing customer base in this region.
The new Latin American office will allow OfficeTrack to provide its Peru based customers with local support and training and strengthen its presence in the region in addition to its current facilities in Colombia, Argentina and Brazil.
“Latin America has always been an important market for OfficeTrack. We’re partnered with leading operators in Latin America including Avantel, Antel and ICE, and reaching to a growing customer base, and we are convinced that OfficeTrack Peru will enhance these achievements”, says Manuel Sanchez, General Manager of OfficeTrack Peru.
In addition to the rapid expansion in Latin America, OfficeTrack experiences strong growth worldwide. The rapid and widespread adoption of new OfficeTrack products in key sectors and markets has resulted in an accelerated growth rate.
With thousands of customers in countries around the world from all sectors including services, sales, logistics and security, the OfficeTrack solution keeps on expanding.

July, 2013: OfficeCore Launches OfficeTrack in Singapore

Recently OfficeCore has launched in Singapore OfficeTrack, its workforce management solution based on an internet management system, a mobile application and optional interfaces to the client’s IT systems.
Singapore based business customers operating in the sectors of services, logistics, security and more, can now benefit from the wide scope of the OfficeTrack capabilities including location of the field employees in real time, attendance reports management, task management, management of customer orders from the field, implementation of cross-organization digital procedures using cellular forms and many more.
The OfficeTrack launch in Singapore was facilitated by Deutsche Telekom (DT), the leading German telecom, based on a DT-OfficeCore agreement for the distribution of OfficeTrack worldwide.
Deutsche_TelecomDeutsche Telekom is one of the world’s leading integrated telecommunications companies with 133 million mobile customers, 32 million fixed-network lines and more than 17 million broadband lines (as of March 31, 2013). The Group provides products and services for the fixed network, mobile communications, the Internet and IPTV for consumers, and ICT solutions for business customers and corporate customers. Deutsche Telekom is present in around 50 countries and has 230,000 employees worldwide. The Group generated revenues of EUR 58.2 billion in the 2012 financial year – more than half of it outside Germany (as of December 31, 2012).

August, 2012: Mr. Juan Pablo Moreno of OfficeCore Argentina gives Interview to Expo-Imagen

Watch the interview given by Mr. Juan Pablo Moreno of OfficeCore Argentina to the Argentinian TV program Expo-Imagen . In the interview he introduces the OfficeTrack system and describes its operational and managerial strengths and abilities for effective management of mobile employees and vehicles fleet.


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August, 2012: Thank you for visiting us at Expo-Logisti-K 2012



June, 2012: OfficeCore Representatives in Brazil Eytan Magal Ltda give Interview to Shalom Brasil
Watch the interview given by the OfficeCore representatives in Brasil, Mr. Eytan Magal and Mr. Ilan Szpiro Ben Avram, from Eytan Magal Soluções e Gerenciamento de Segurança Ltda, at the Brasilian TV program Shalom Brasil. In the interview they introduce the OfficeTrack system and describe its operational and managerial strengths and abilities for effective management of mobile employees.



July 2011: OfficeCore announces a successful delivery in Chile of its OfficeTrack system

The Chilean INERCOM is a large-scale provider of network communication services to cellular operators in the country. INERCOM employs over 650 technicians and other field employees, and has recently acquired OfficeCore’s OfficeTracksystem.
OfficeTrack is an integrated system enabling both mobile employee management and fleet management. The system provides for mobile employees location, vehicles location, reporting employee attendance, retrieving a variety of related reports and so on.
In addition, recently the system has been significantly upgraded to provide for management of the field employees’ tasks. A task is transmitted from the system directly to the field employee’s handset, and the field employee reports back task completion and status, from his handset directly to the system. This solution improves the communication between the headquarters and the field employees, saves time and costs, and enables providing a better and quicker service to the company’s customers.