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Forms module

This module allows the company to generate forms from the web application, which is specifically tailored to the needs of their operations. Forms can be linked to the tasks module, allowing to obtain precise information about the different levels of / the deliveries / removals to be performed, and contain fields such as digital signatures, pictures, barcode reading, scrolling menus, among others. Similarly, they can function as a separate form, which is entered directly from the mobile application.

Task module

OfficeTrack MWFM allows to send tasks to agents (either in a group, the whole company, or an employee in particular) directly to their smartphones with data points of the route to make, the customer, time of meeting, length of stay, and these in turn can feed back information via check boxes, drop down menus, photographs and digital signature, among others.

Attendance Module

OfficeTrack MWFM, this module allows the squadron to report security assistance remotely via their smartphones indicating different instances as "Input", "Output" and even absence of disadvantages as "disease", allowing the company to take action to instantly without being affected the entire operation. To this information, you got also the estimated geolocation of the agent with the time and date on which the brand adds assistance.

Geo-localization module

OfficeTrack allows, through smartphones, have an idea of the location of all field resources through integrated mobile GPS device and report every certain time interval, the approximate location of employees on a map of a determined territory. The location information is accompanied with the time, a nearby point of reference and the last action that was performed.
Within this module you can create geo-zones and points of interest, become another layer of information about company operations.

Ordering module

OfficeTrack allows to the employees to take orders from the field through their smartphones, and have several lists of products differentiated by customer with pricing, quantity available, discounts and promotions and more. This request comes at online time to the company optimizing the return time information and achieving a capacity greater response to market demand.

Assistance Module

OfficeTrack allows report the employee attendance remotely via their smartphones, indicating different instances as "Input", "Output" and even absent for inconveniences like "illness." to these information, you can add an estimated geolocation information of the employee, along with the time and date, giving a clear idea of your location and allowing to have an online control for all your workforce.