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January, 2014: OfficeTrack and AMNETPRO – Agreement with Coorserpark Colombia


OfficeTrack and AMNETPRO, the OfficeTrack distributor in Colombia, are proud to share the recent incorporation of Coorserparkas a new customer in Colombia. Coorserpark is an organization that seeks to help during the loss of a loved one through their funeral Pension Plans.
Coorserpark has a large commercial force with the dual mission of exploring leads and converting them into customers and to visit existing customers for payment collection. For this, Coorserpark developed an in-house system that schedules visits for the sales staff. These agendas were given to business executives in a daily early morning meeting. The sales force during the day marked their progress, updating the schedule of visits and at the end of the day reported results in writing. This system did not allow real-time tracking and did not guarantee that the customer was visited in their premises.
Today Coorserpark continues to use its scheduling system but these visits are automatically uploaded in OfficeTrack. Employees receive on their phones the day’s agenda and report the progress of their tasks. In this way, the system can confirm online when a business executive visits the customer’s premises as well as collects production information and payments done by customers.
Moreover, the adoption of OfficeTrack has allowed Coorserpark to fulfill a corporate strategic objective: guarantee that each of its 25,000 customers are visited each month. Improving communication, management and monitoring for their mobile workforce has created new dynamic business goals still allowing transparent management and enabling key positions inside the company a quick and agile control over current vs expected production.


October, 2012: Agreement with the Argentinean Company Cruz del Sur for Provision of Mobile Based IT Services


OfficeCore Mobile Solutions is proud to announce its new customer Victor Masson Transporte Cruz del Sur S.A. as of October 2012. Cruz del Sur implements OfficeCore’s cellular based services to perform online waybill management.

OfficeCore Mobile Solutions is proud to announce its new customer Victor Masson Transporte Cruz del Sur S.A. as of October 2012. Cruz del Sur implements OfficeCore’s cellular based services to perform online waybill management.

Cruz del Sur is a leading provider of freight transportation services and logistics for over 55 years. Throughout the years Cruz del Sur has demonstrated reliability in shipment and a steady growth, both in infrastructure and in technology, equipment and training of human resources. Cruz del Sur has the largest nationwide coverage, reaching more than 2,500 locations, along with the presence of 68 branches throughout the Argentine territory.
With this agreement, OfficeCore steps into the logistics industry in the region, and Cruz del Sur becomes a pioneer in the use of mobile solutions in the industry.

September, 2012: Contract for the provision of value added services with the company ANTEL Uruguay

OfficeCore is proud to announce its contract for the Provision of Value Added Services to the telecommunications company ANTEL.
ANTEL is an acronym representing National Telecommunications Administration, being the state telecommunications company in Uruguay. It was created as a decentralized service by Decree No. 14.235 of July 25, 1974. The functions of the National Department of Communications, the General Department of Telecommunications and the Telecommunications sector, which until then operated under UTE, were transferred to create two specialized companies, one for telecommunications and one for the generation, transmission and distribution of electricity. ANTEL Currently manages and provides services for fixed telephony, mobile telephony, internet and data.Antel_offices-213x300
In the data area ANTEL incorporates a services division of Internet and data transmission, formerly Anteldata. Regarding ADSL, the company is monopolistic and maintains the highest prices in the region. ANTEL competes with other players on other Internet access methods, such as the 3G system. In June 2010 ANTEL provided 95.5% of the non-switched services for Internet access. Dedicado provided 4.35% and other operators the remaining 0.14%. As for peer-to-peer national and international services, ANTEL held a 91.4% market share, Dedicado 3.39%, Telmex 2.98%, Movistar 2.14% and other 0.09%. Additionally, ANTEL administers second level domain names “.” in Uruguay.
In July 2011 ANTEL received FCC 214 authorization to operate in the U.S. market through the company ANTEL USA Inc., based in Miami.
With the establishment of the contract between OfficeCore and ANTEL to provide value added services in the cellular network, ANTEL offers location based services for management of attendance, tracking of mobile human resources, management of tasks and orders to its portfolio of corporate clients.


June 2012


May 2011

OfficeTrack Mobile Employee Tasks Management

Customer:Netvision 013

The challenge:
013Netvision 013 looked for a way to improve the work of its technicians and provide its customers an efficient service. Instead of back-and-forth communication between the Service Center and the field workers, the company searched for a solution that provides the Service and Operations Center control and command to enable management of cellular reporting from the technicians out in the field

The solution:

The solution from is based on OfficeTrack, a mobile employee management system, that transfers tasks directly to the technician’s handset, and receives the technician’s feedback transmitted from his handset in return.
Netvision 013 has chosen OfficeTrack Mobile Employee Management System to manage the information transfer to the field technicians and present the technicians’ location based on their mobile positioning and/or their handset’s GPS. The system also allows mobile employee attendance location-based reports, emergency alerts and more. The client software is installed on the employee’s mobile handset and communicates with the online system that, in turn, presents the employees on the map. The system further allows presentation and management of points of interest, region-based alerts, tasks management log, various reports and additional user interface features that enhance command and control of the field workforce.

Implementing the solution:

In order to improve the technicians operation at Netvision 013, OfficeCore performed an online to-way data transfer interfacing between Netvision’s Orcale service system and OfficeTrack. OfficeTrack is responsible for controlling the field workforce and transferring data to the technician’s cellular phone. The customer service calls received at Netvision 013 business unit operation center, are transferred in real-time to the technician’s mobile handset. The technician can report back the task status directly to the operation center without the need to make a phone call, thus decreasing the operation center’s workload.

Director of the Department for Expert Services at Netvision 013, Mr. Zachi Aviv, said that “Implementing OfficeCore’s Mobile Employee Management Solution in the operation center and in the technicians’ cellular phones has significantly enhanced the technicians’ productivity in the field, and the ways that data is transferred and documented at the operation center. The solution saves us hours of work, but most importantly it enables us to provide better response times and improved service to our customers”.

November 2010

ordersjMobile Workers Management Service – a new Orders Report Option to Field Agents

OfficeCore lately add to Mobile Workers location and management service a new option to field agents that need to report orders or other info without a define task ahead.
The new Orders module allows the employee to chose in his cell phone a client from clients list and reports on-line order to customer in a friendly easy way without papers and without waiting.
The order can include items from the clients system, prices, quantities etc. the system supports in the order screen definition flexibility according to client needs.
The new software enables managers or a warehouse to receive orders in an ordinary manner directly from the field instead of notes or paper documents that are unreadable or clear enough. In addition the module allows to get the order directly in mail or to pull orders reports that have been received from the field agents’ cell-phones.
It also possible to support automatic interface that includes integration to pass the info directly to the customer information system.
This significant addition to the mobile workers management service is an excellent started point to computerized agents/salesmen persons without the need to require an expensive terminals and complicated solutions and all based on a monthly shelf product in order to achieve improve efficiency to the business customer.

September 2010
ASA company joined the thousands of satisfied customers of OfficeCore

attedence_list-150x150ASA Company is a leading security company in Nigeria that specializing in personal protection to customers who are coming to the state for business purposes.

ASA Company became recently a customer of OfficeCore and invited various innovations in the advanced OfficeTrack system a system that manages and locates company fleet and mobile workers.e
The improvements include a mobile device manager access to view vehicle location in real-time and mobile
This option to monitor the vehicles and workers when the manger is out of his office allows a better management of employees and vehicles improving the services to customers and providing immediate response to customer needs.

December 2010

Attendance Reports

Customer: Magic Company

Challenge: Magic Company employs a vast range of agents in point-sales across the country.
For that it requires a reliable and quality service in order to receive reliable and exact reports on beginning/end of job from her different agents/salesmen/women.
Solution: OfficeTrack – Mobile Workers Management system from OfficeCore, allows field workers to perform attendance and status reports directly from their field phones in various ways: SMS, Windows Mobile, JAVA, WAP, IVR etc.
Results: “From the day we install the system our reports have been improved” Says Mr. Lev, Magic CFO. “We know when our salesmen/women began their work and when they were finished. Agents can reports attendance, sickness, absence, etc. We don’t need to chase agents to fill hour’s reports and signed managers on them. Every hour cost money and reliable reports saved hours, gives us more control, saves us typing and phones to agents to fill reports and we have less pressure at the end of the month.
Work Start/ End absorbed directly to the system and in each month we could produce reports that help the finance department preparing the pay rolls to our employees.

December 2010

Tasks Management

Presentation on a map

Presentation on a map

Customer: TELECODE Company performs a logistical support center on computers equipment maintenance throughout the country
Challenge: A large array of company service personnel scattered throughout the country in order to handling malfunctions in the customers’ computers. In order to manage them better TELECODE
purchased the Mobile Employees Location Management’ system from OfficeCore.
Case: Customer benefits from the system are numerous including improves the degree of control on activities that occur outside the office. Optimize reporting processes in the company, acts as another control tool
for managers about time and perform tasks execution of workers outside the office and allows efficient decisions to the company based on real-time data and more.
Results: In the past – the technician updates was via the phone, a communication that takes a lot of time from the technicians and the dispatcher as well. In addition to receive technician’s
activities it would require a day waiting and also requires a typing work in order to receive them.

Task screenToday after installing the ‘Mobile Employees Location Management’ the dispatcher knows the location of the technicians at all times and thereby optimize the assignment. Tasks are sent directly from the system to technicians and updates task status including location are receiving directly to the dispatcher computer screen on-line, allows the dispatcher to dedicate more time to clients.
Another benefit to the customer is that by using the Android phone the dispatcher/Manager system can also send the tasks day before directly to the worker cell phone. He can also using route optimization to the tasks and gives the worker the easiest, safest and quickest way to move from one point to another. The dispatcher can also decided that the worker will go to all the customers in the same geographical location and move to the next closet customer, can decided to arrange the tasks by hour and more.

JAVA Client

January 2011
Customer: ‘Top Josef’ is a transportation company that has several car units installed in their vehicles
Challenge: Be able to view the vehicles and the drivers in real-time when the manager is outside the office due the job requirements.
Solution: The ‘Light Track’ is a new service from OfficeCore. The service is an addition and expansion of the OfficeTrack system that enables view, manage and control mobile workers and vehicles directly and exclusively from the manager mobile cell.
Results: ‘Top-Josef’ Company notices that the job improves drastically. Mrs. Ester Ochayon the company drivers’ manager indicate how much she pleased from the new service that enables cellular control in the vehicles location and status.
“Until we purchase the ‘Light Track’ service I used the OfficeTrack service only in my office and when I was in front of computer, although my work day involves a lot of field hours. Thanks to new service I feel now in control even outside the office because the new service gives us he best efficient overall service. That allows me to watch our work force in real time in every given moment in my cell-phone in text and map also and to receive
address and vehicle status such as engine on/off, vehicle speed, drivers name and more and by that improving our work.

January 2011

OfficeTrack Online Employees and Fleet location

fleet_demo-300x180Customer: Mr. Josef Alkrinuai is a customer with several service cars.
Challenge: To view in real and historic time his workers and his vehicles across the country.
The case: Mr. Alkrinuai sent one of his employees to a regular work meeting, he saw the vehicle location and returns to his business. Several hours went through and Mr. Alkrinuai didn’t hear from his employee that should have been return to the office hours ago. He tried to contact his employee over the cell phone with no luck and saw the vehicle in the same point on the map for hours.
Mr. Alkrinuai was sure that something bad happened and went out to track his worker and the vehicle according to last address that have been shown on the screen
Solution: Mr. Alkrinuai had the OfficeTrack Fleet Management that enables business and companies real-time view in the fleet location with the system map zoom he mange to indentify the exact location of the vehicle.
When Mr. Alkrinuai finally arrived to the place he found the vehicle stuck and his employee next to it. It turn out that the vehicle was stuck due to a technical problem, the battery of his employee cell phone was un-charged and he waited near the car without possibility to inform no one.
Results: “Thanks to the OfficeCore system we’ve been able to locate the vehicle and my employee” said Mr. Alkrinuai “I’m pleased that we purchase it so we could track vehicles and workers on-line and able to assist if something going wrong.”

January 2011

POI Reports

Customer: Any company that has a mobile workforce in the field
Challenge: To see the workers activities according to points that was decided in advance such as customers, branches, main streets etc.
Solution: POI (Point of Interest), is define by an enter address into the system. Another option to insert point of interest is to draw the point itself on the map and the point entered directly and auto into the service with the Longitude points. The point afterwards can be called by any name the user choose and add an icon too.
This report Employee POI visits or POI Visits by Employee is intended primarily to see employee visits according to interest point (customer address, employee home, etc.)
“The reports are view primarily by the company mangers to trace reports abnormality (for example: employee cut his day work and went home etc.)